Diya Foundation

Diya India Foundation is a social charitable foundation working for the welfare of the underprivileged people in the society. Each volunteer works whole heartedly for providing various facilities like education, health and life support to the less fortunate people.
The main focus areas are: -


People believe that education is an essential factor for building a bright future of the country. So does Diya India Foundation. Through Chetan Vidya Mandir and Chetan Play Way (two schools running in Nihal Vihar) this foundation ensures that children are provided primary education and regular health check-ups. An opportunity to transform into a responsible citizen through quality education is provided to everyone including those who cannot afford it.


With the changing lifestyle of our society, the elderly and differently abled are either neglected or not readily accepted. Thus, Diya India Foundation supports such people through their project- “Seva”. Through this they provide basic facilities as well as financial support that is needed. Volunteers spend quality time in the old age homes to make the elderly feel loved and cared for as do they provide free ration and tape recorders and other such means to help the visually impaired in studying. Wheel chairs and callipers are also provided to those in need.


As the name of the project states, Diya India Foundation also promotes prosperity. Here work is done to enable in skill development and enhancement for the underprivileged. It aims to build self-sufficient and independent people, especially women so that they can earn for themselves. The vocational training is run in Nihal Vihar where women are trained in dress making, tailoring and embroidering.


One of the most noble and successful initiative is where volunteers constantly thrive to save as many lives as possible. Aware of the fact that the mortality rate of children in India demands immediate attention, the foundation supports children up to the age of 14 years who suffer from any chronic disease. Help is given by taking care of all expenses for surgeries and medicines. So far we have successfully saved nine lives.


“Jeevan” means life. And the foundation knows what a life is worth; hence it runs a health centre in Nihal Vihar where hundreds of people benefitted from the health and diagnostic facilities. Awareness camps are carried out in forms of street plays and theatre so as to alert people about AIDS, Malaria, Dengue and so are yoga and de-addiction camps set up. A team of doctors treat the underprivileged who struggle owing to their economic conditions.


Diya foundation understand how important environment is for our survival. Thus, it aims to change this planet from an ailing one to a healthier one. Camps and awareness drives are carried out with vigour to make people realise the importance of a clean environment with the motto of “GO GREEN”. Along with plantation and cleanliness drives we educate people about the use of clean toilets and personal hygiene.